Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little travel update...

We are still squarely fixed on getting back down to High Island this weekend, especially after the excellent reports from down there this week. Hopefully we'll have similar luck Saturday and Sunday. We could actually end up back at High Island on 5-6 May, but that has yet to be determined. We had originally planned on heading to Magee Marsh for the Biggest Week in American Birding, but those plans fell through. 

One place we know we're going is Arizona. We have booked an eight-day tour of SE AZ highlighted by stops in Portal, Sierra Vista, Patagonia Lake SP and Madera Canyon. Big thanks to Steve Gross for his agenda advice. We're flying out of Houston the evening of 18 May and returning home on the 27th. If you are in SE Arizona and have any tips on 'can't miss' birding locations, be sure and let us know! We'd love to meet up with some locals and get the latest skinny on birds in the area.

Our schedule after that is still in flux, but we're eying a few future destinations. We'll be sure to let you know our whereabouts as we continue on our photo quest!

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