Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

We've been stuck close to home for the past several weeks due to various day job commitments. It's been hot, sticky and relatively free of any avian excitement. We did head down to Aransas a few weekends ago to chase the Brown Booby that had been reported, but came away empty after a four-hour search. In the end, we netted a Magnificent Frigatebird... and found a new burger place!

The good news is that the summer funk will be lifted soon and we'll get back to the business at hand. We have a pair of brief excursions on the calendar over the next few weeks... and are still toying with taking the July Texas pelagic out of South Padre. We want to get down to the LRGV again to clean up a few stragglers. We wished we could have done that sooner to get the Masked Duck that had been at Sabal, but alas...

I should probably use this time to grab the few cheap photos we still need. There is still some low hanging fruit... like the European Starling and Rock Pigeon. I can just imagine us putting those off again and again and looking up at the end of the year and realizing 'D'oh!' 

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