Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Booby irruption

Yes, yes... go ahead. Snicker at the headline. You know you want to... but there is no denying the fact that there has been an influx of Brown Booby sightings lately... East Texas, Arkansas, Canyon Lake in central Texas and coastal Florida. Now, you can add Baytown, Texas, to the list. As a sat home debating whether or not to chase the female Booby spotted at Canyon Lake tomorrow a text came in confirming a sighting near the north landing of the Lynchburg ferry in Baytown. Seeing as that is only a hour away opposed to three, we took the initiative and raced east.

One of these things is not like the others.
We arrived on site in a little under an hour. Cloudy skies, failing light and distance were the enemies, but we managed to get a photo that clearly shows the target bird hanging out with a group of Cormorants. Several other birders were on hand... a few with scopes. We were able to get good looks at the bird, both perched and in flight. In all, a very cool experience and a lifer for both Holly and me. Not to mention... a real time (and gas) saver! Kudos to master spotter Stephan for sending out the alert.

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