Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in the LRGV, Day 2...

Have you ever stayed too long in one spot, hoping that the one bird you're after shows up... and when it never does it is too late to go looking for anything else? That's kind of how our day went today and our futile search for the Northern-beardless Tyrannulet. We tried Santa Ana... with no luck. No Hook-billed Kite either, but plenty of snail shells where one had been eating in the past. We tried Estero again... since that was a more recent sighting for the NBTY... with no luck. As the clouds thickened and the rain started we tried at dusk to find the Green Parakeets in McAllen... with no luck. The most exciting animal of the day... wasn't even a bird. It was this guy.

Always good to see a 'dillo still breathing... and not pancaked on the highway. We did add one bird today... a distant, but distinct Broad-tailed Hawk. With the rains due to pound for most of the night, our third day plan of Salineno/Falcon Lake may not be the best option since we'd be in the mud quite a bit. Plus, the weatherman isn't giving much of a guarantee that the rains will be over in the morning. We'll scheme this evening and come up with something.

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