Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving in the LRGV, Day 3...

Rains came and went... and we went to Salineno and Falcon State Park. We got our first new photo year bird driving down 83 west of Rio Grande City when we noticed a few groups of Greater White-fronted Geese gliding over. We pulled over and I jumped out for some photos. More came... then more... then more... Holly then noticed they were all landing in a field right off the highway. We guesstimate there were around 5000 GWFG... and at least two Snow Geese. 

The morning on the river didn't yield the targeted Red-billed Pigeon or Muscovy Duck, but we did get great looks at Gray Hawk, Osprey, Atlamira Oriole and the heavily-armed Border Patrol! A quick ride over the Falcon State Park rewarded us with another new photo year bird... Greater Roadrunner! Ellen and Ron have a sweet little set-up at Falcon and we recommend a stop there for everyone in the area. Later... we made our way to Bentsen... and finally got our Northern-beardless Tyrannulet! Going into the last day, we've got seven new photo year birds. Here's hoping for one... maybe two more tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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